Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a Seinfeld episode

So sometimes kids have to learn lessons the hard way.  Sometimes parents do to.  My older son didn't want to get dressed to go out with Dad and his brother.  There was a lot of running away, laughing, bouncing and no co-operation what so ever, which is so unbelievably frustrating when you need to leave the house.  This time I was staying home so it didn't matter too much if my son went out or not.  The opportunity to teach him a hard lesson, as in "you don't help in getting dressed, means you don't go", turned into what might be a Seinfeld episode.

My husband said to my son that he was leaving without him since my older son was being so difficult with getting dressed.  While naked, wearing black socks, my son began to scream, throw stuff and run to the door yelling "Daddy don't go".  While it was heartbreaking to hear him, and funny at the same time, we stuck to our guns and Daddy left.

My son decided to go on the porch and yell for Daddy.  I thought that's where he would get too cold and run right back in since it was probably -15C.  NOPE, that's not at all what happened.  His little skinny naked butt decided to run down the walkway in his black socks to the car while crying at the top of his lungs.  Our neighbours who were shovelling snow and a van driver, turned to see what the noise was all about and all at once laughed out loud.  I had to laugh too.  If that was not an episode from the Seinfeld show than what was.

My husband quickly run out and brought my son back home and left.  The temper tantrum continued until my son felt tired and decided to lie down in his bed.  We had a good talk and hugs and kisses.

So, did the lesson stick?  Not really.

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