Sunday, February 19, 2012

doing crafts

Crafts are big in our family.  Sometimes it's not even a real craft but a chance to just play around with stuff like pipe cleaners, feathers, kid scissors, glue, markers, beads, noodles, chalk, paint, sparkles, wooden figurines and so many other things.

I love to make things all the time, hence my knitting or crocheting or whatever happens to interest me.  I've noticed my older son loves it too.  So he often asks to play with something and we end up making things.  Here are some of those fun things that either he has created on his own or with my assistance.

Reindeer antlers for Christmas 2011 (pipe cleaners)                                                                                                                                                            

Decorating a rock September 2011 (paint, stickers)

Chalk drawing (very intense concentration)

Bathtub crayons (washable crayons)

Feather Crown/Hat (feathers, glue and paper)

Painting wooden dinosaur (for a special birthday present)

Drawing with markers (my son's very first drawing of a car at age 3)
Can you tell we are proud!

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