Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best Halloween Ever

Yes, it was the best Halloween ever.  I got to see my little boy, who is now 2 and a half, run around in a cardboard box that H and I cut up and painted to look like a firetruck.  I remember years ago seeing a firetruck, not fireman, costume on Live! with Regis and Kelly.  It just stuck in my mind and all year long our son has been making loud siren noise that actually sound very authentic.  Well, what better costume for a boy like that than a firetruck for Halloween.

In retrospect, it was about a foot too long but seeing him struggle and be determined to get up the steps to trick or treat was so great.  It made us laugh.  It made us get a little teary eyed.  This year is the first time he really participated and knew what was happening.  We didn't quite explain it to him in detail, but he got the gist of it, especially when it came time to eat the candy.  He certainly remembered that I said he could have his treats after we got back.  Seeing him enjoy his candy was fun, even though there had to be some major teeth scrubbing afterwords.  His excitement was so real and we couldn't help ourselves but smile as much as he did.

Our baby boy got to be a monkey and hang onto H the entire time.  His eyes were big and he was happy being out and about in our neighbourhood.  I kept thinking, I can't wait until they both run from door to door together and afterwords laugh their heads off as they compare their loot and trade their goodies.  That's what made our Halloween the best ever.  I have a feeling this is also going to be the best Christmas ever. 

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