Friday, November 18, 2011

soup and snow

Snowfall always makes me want to get the furry blankets out, the slowcooker out and make soup.  My older son is not a fan of food but somehow he eats brocolli and calls them little trees.  This week I made little tree soup with squash.  The squash sweetened the soup quite a bit.  It was super yummy.  I had some pork and beef stock leftover from slowcooked ribs and some frozen blended squash cubes.  Along with some milk and cornstarch we had yummy creamy soup that my almost 3 year old slurped up.  It was a beautiful sight, seeing my son enjoying his soup and watching the big snowflakes fall outside our window.

P.S. Quote from our toddler to daddy this morning:
"Daddy, when you grow up to be a baby, I will change your diaper."

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