Wednesday, November 30, 2011

crochet hat and youtube

It is now -20C here and we love to go outside for walks.  Nor rain, nor snow can keep us inside (usually), so I have been making hats for my kids.  I am a beginner for sure so I made a simple crochet beanie with ear flaps with a single crochet stitch.  I am a very visual learner so the YouTube videos on crochet have helped me tremendously.  Woohoo to YouTube!

Here are some of the videos I used to guide me along:

1. How to crochet for a beginner by naztazia.  This is great if you don't even know how to start or what a crochet hook is.
2. How to start a crochet hat by expertvillage. I find them pretty simple and slow enough to follow for a beginner.  In fact I used the rest of the tutorials to help me make the hat.
3. How to make a pom pom by LionBrandYarn.  You could also add a tussle for the top instead of a pom pom.

What is a little difficult is figuring out what size the crown should be, so it took me 3 tries to get to the size that I was happy with.  The first try looked like a wavy mess.  The second time the hat was just too big.  The third try was ok, but at the end my fingers were pretty sore.  I know that size charts must exist but I didn't bother finding one.

To make the ear flaps, I just decreased each crochet row by one stitch.  The ear flaps look pretty sloppy in comparison to the rest of the hat, but that just doesn't bother me at all.  I like the slightly imperfect look.  This way my baby son will know I made it for him.

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