Tuesday, April 3, 2012

brrrr sleep

Both my boys love to sleep in the cold, fresh air.  I put them in the double stroller, off we go no matter what the weather and before I know it, they are both asleep. Mateyo is the snorer like his dad and Stefan is a tosser like his mom.  They sleep so much longer in the fresh air, so I just park them outside our bay window and I go inside to knit.  Of course I am just on the other side of the window so I can easily see signs of waking, as in crying...hahaha.  It is a nice break for me and I love that they are tucked in several layers of blankets dreaming next to each other.   

It feels like sleeping outside is super healthy for some reason.  I haven't researched this, it's just a mom instinct.  Another mom, Joanna, agrees with me and I love her challenge of trying to do something outside every day during the cold months.  

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