Monday, March 19, 2012

it's time

So it's time, my baby is now sharing a room with his big brother.  It's going good so far with a few kinks, but overall it's good.  I think the smiles speak for themselves.  More details and follow up about sharing a room to follow.  

To celebrate this big move and make it more special for my older son, I am redecorating a bit in there.  We built a couple of headboards around my son's toddler bed.  The two headboards are foam covered plywood pieces which hang off the walls.  My son leans against them to look at his books and it makes his corner much more cozy and warm.  I think he likes it so far.  More instructions with pictures about building cheap headboards to follow.

PS.  That is my older son's pajama outfit.  He refused to take off his "Bob the Builder" shirt, which he wore all day long and had to wear his thick "Cars" themed socks.  A week ago, my son wore his rocket pajama's all day while we went to the market.  It was cute, we didn't mind.  

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