Monday, January 23, 2012

34 and free

Finally, after 34 years I am able to realize that I don't want toxic friendships in my life.  It took so long to finally become strong enough to move on and refuse to be lured back in by the chaos and drama of another person's life.  Finally I am able to actually act in my best self interest and take care of myself first, instead of worrying about someone else's feelings.  I guess the thirties are when you truly know who you are and more importantly you don't take less than you deserve.

Do men feel like this?  Do little boys worry about hurting other people's feelings the way girls do?  I have two boys.  Are they going to feel like they finally know who they are in their thirties?  How does a mom raise two boys who are sensitive about others and strong for themselves at the same time?  Or is this all society and boys are allowed to be themselves from the start?

I guess I will have to discover those answers as my boys grow up.  As for me, I am finally in a place where I can be me and I am finally surrounded by people who truly know me.  I don't have to be someone else for them and how freeing is that.  I am thirty four and finally free.    


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