Sunday, December 11, 2011

library shelves and crawling

Finally we built a little library for our kids in their room.  Instead of buying the shelves at Ikea I had the wood cut at Home Depot and my husband did the rest.  My toddler loves it.  He is a few days away from turning three and he loves to look at books and sing his ABC's (as well as "bad, bad day" from Despicable Me movie ).  Some of his favourite books are the Berenstain Bear's "The Bike Lesson" and "The Big Road Race" and Dr. Suess' "ABC".  He knew all the alphabet letters before he was two all from reading the "ABC" book.  We didn't really try to teach him, it was just something he naturally was interested in.    

On another note, my 8.5 month old is finally crawling.  He went from lying down on the rug, to sliding around on the floor like a snail and now crawling.  Oh!  How quickly he went from being a little baby to a little boy!  Too quickly for our liking.  In fact I was taking a photo of the book library when my baby started to crawl.  Now he crawls over to the library and pulls the books down.  

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